What do you do when you’re forced indoors?


Black ice, frost, arctic winds….all the unromantic aspects of spending Christmas in Ireland. After the initial excitement of being in an icy snowy environment, the harshness of it hits home. For us Aussies, we are just not cut out for this type of weather. So much so, it became a game to see who was the fastest to get from the car to the house without slipping over.



“Hang on! Why is the car going left when I’m turning right?”


The other part which had my heart in my mouth was driving on icy roads. I take my  hat goes off to all the truck drivers who have to manage these tricky conditions. The narrow icy roads were difficult enough for our little car let alone the big trucks that went helter skelter down the bendy roads. Sure their were a few who almost knocked us off the road but most were highly skilled. However, many days we wouldn’t venture out because we felt overwhelmed by the conditions.


What to do with 3 kids when you’re too scared to drive or walk outside?


It really made us appreciate the sunshine, blue sky and wide open spaces of home. Especially, when you can just open the back door and let your kids run feral for hours. There is nothing more exhausting than sitting around all day. At first, my kids enjoyed the amount of television they were able to watch but that eventually got boring. Then there was the drawing, reading, craft and card games that entertained them for a good while. However, this turned into bickering and wrestling as they searched for an outlet to release all of their pent up energy. When “feral hour” hit, this was a very challenging period because unlike home the option to let them run rampant outside wasn’t available.


You can never beat Mother Nature, so why moan about it.


After a few days of complaining about the weather, we had an epiphany: “We are in Ireland in December, what did we expect?”  Weather was out of our control so how we chose to embrace the situation was ours and nobody else’s responsibility. Once we began to approach it this way, this attitude trickled down to our kids and they began to acclimatize to the indoor lifestyle. Imaginations were engaged and brilliant resulted in great fun. The lesson in all of this was that it wasn’t the weather that was limiting our fun but our own narrow preconceived notions of fun. After all, you can’t control the weather but you can control how you choose to approach the situation.



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