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I don’t know how we would cope at Christmas without the mid-year sales and lay-by.  November is a really expensive month for us and in the past the demands of Christmas were incredibly stressful.  However, the solution was simple and we rediscovered the lay-by system.  It is one of those things my mother always did and lots of people do it, but when I got a credit card the whole lay-by concept was forgotten.


 Paying $20 a week leading up to Christmas makes so much more sense than paying inflated prices on the credit card.


We are now financially and emotionally less stressed over Christmas.  Although the demands of juggling family events are a whole other story.



Household Inc.



Running a household is like managing a company.


 Dealing with expenses, budgets, insurance, appointments, attending and hosting social events, counselling and putting out fires to name a few of the job requirements.  I’ve  forgotten to pay bills and attend social commitments due to the chaos in my house.  After discovery how to use Microsoft Office from a free online course I did on Alison.com things have greatly improved.  I can put everything on the calendar from the due dates of my bills to social reminders like birthdays.  It’s great because it’s accessible via the mobile and incredibly easy to use.  


I still sometimes forget but it really helps organise you in advance with your monthly expenses and social events.


Spreadsheeting expenses also was a helpful exercise.  When you’re brutally honest with what you spend on things it can be a surprise.  After the shock you can then turn that unnecessary expense into a future saving.  A little extra to contribute to a family holiday. 


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