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A thrifty household doesn’t mean a miserable home.  Money doesn’t buy happiness and being a little thrifty can relieve financial stress caused by daily costs.  Quality may change  but sometimes our perceptions and expectations  need a reality check.  We have a huge dependency on things we deem necessary in our daily lives.  The question is:


 Have we confused basic needs with wants?


thrifty girlOn the ‘Discovery’ channel, I like to watch a fascinating program called ‘Alaskan Bush People’.  They present a refreshing perspective on how to live a natural existence without a lot of possessions. Their lifestyle is insightful but it wouldn’t suit my OCD tendencies. Also I appreciate the beauty and skill involved in luxury items. My aim is to create a chic and comfortable household without spending a fortune.  



With a little bit of imagination you can create a comfortable and thrifty household.



Gadgetry Madness

time value 

‘Can my family really afford this?’

‘Do I have the space for it?’

‘Do I truly need or just want it?


Take the emotion and impulse out of purchasing household products.  Think rationally by taking your time to consider your purchase.  It’s important to be realistic and don’t buy products based on the promise that it will ‘solve all your household problems’.  Sure it may seem miraculous at first but it may just be a quick fix until you need the ‘high’ promised by another product.housewife pan


Other things to consider:


‘Is it worth the expense?’

piggy bankI don’t like to cook, although my cooking isn’t offensive and won’t kill you!  However, I understand that some people do love it and bless you because I love eating.  An expensive product like a Thermomix may actually benefit you but be careful with payment plans.  It may be better to patiently save up and buy it when you have the cash.  By then you should really know if you want to buy it.




On-line Pre-Loved Products

ebayIt may be risky but check on-line for second-hand equipment.  It probably won’t have a ‘warranty’ but some people do sell good products after they upgrade or are moving property.



Avoid Clutter: ‘What do I regularly use?’

garage saleYou could clear out your home by selling any household stuff that you no longer use.  Go on-line or do it ‘old school’ by having a garage sale. Avoid cluttering your kitchen or household with a million gadgets.  Select what you truly use and sell or donate the rest.  A cluttered household contributes to a chaotic mind and environment.



‘Will it really save me time?’

time effort moneySome gadgets may make the process quicker but consider the set up and clean up.  Sometimes the hassle of setting up and cleaning up can be really time-consuming.  A lot of times it may be easier to do it by hand.





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