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Money Jar!!



jar2I saw a program on television that featured a person who was quitting smoking.  Before bed he put money in a jar that equated to the amount he would have spent on cigarettes that day.  A the end of the week he was amazed by how much money he saved and he felt loads better.   This got me thinking about how this could be applied in my home.


Sometimes the simple ideas are the best!


cranky mumI was addicted to chocolate and energy drinks which was really unhealthy, so I chose to do the ‘money in a jar’ exercise.  My poor family had a very cranky mother for a few days as my body detoxed from a sugar dependant diet.  By the end I had close to $50 and felt physically loads better. Win Win!!!


I saved money and felt better.  Brilliant!!


jar6This idea can be applied to anything.  What you do with this money is up to you.  You could treat yourself!  I chose to put the money into a Christmas sub-account at the bank.  After a month I moved the jar idea to red wine.


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