Built to Last!


What drives a parent insane?


At the top of the list has to be the stream of flimsy plastic toys that clutter your house. In my house, we have a tube of super glue specifically for fixing toys that inexplicably break from the apparent strain of my kids.  I hate it when older people preach to me:  ‘Back in my day things were built to last’.  However, I found myself saying this exact same thing after my son spent his hard-earned money on a dodgy cap-gun.  It wasn’t cheap and seemed sturdy when we purchased it from Toy World.  Unfortunately, much to our son’s disappointment it failed to actually do anything.


'But, Mom, more toys are a 'quality of life' issue to me!'
‘But, Mom, more toys are a ‘quality of life’ issue to me!’


The cap-gun debacle had me pondering…..

‘Can toys offer real value for money?’


insane5My kids can spend ages perusing the techno-colour array of pointless stuff in the toy aisles on our weekly shopping trips.  On top of that, when they do get something that they ‘really wanted’ they are generally bored with it within the hour. Their bedroom has become an ‘elephant’s graveyard’ where toys are laid to rest.


Fashion has ‘investment pieces’ for the wardrobe.  I believe kids toys have ‘investment pieces’ for the toy box.


toys4Fashion and toys are similar with regards to fads or trends.  You have the ‘classics’ that never go out of style and each season has a new trend.  My kids come home from school enthusing about a new toy trend every other week.  I do enjoy their excited chatter as they jammer on in a language that I barely understand.  Like all parents, I have been guilty of getting them the latest fad and then to my dismay watch it disappear into the ‘elephant’s graveyard’.


I hope that I have grown older and wiser with regards to my kids toy choices.


insane7I dread to think how much money has been invested into my kids toys  without much return in the ‘play value’.  Below is a list of things my kids insane8always seem to enjoy.  These are the ‘old faithful’ or ‘toys for all seasons’ that never lose value.  I recommend buying good quality versions of these as they are ‘classics’ and ‘good investment pieces’.


Building blocks

Lego and duplo

play dough

paint, glitter, glue etc

balls, rackets, bats

bikes, scooters, skateboards

puzzles (easy and challenging)

good matchbox cars

sandpit with utensils



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