The Art of Killing Time


“What am I supposed to do now?”


Throughout my life, I’ve been on various health kicks with my most recent being the elimination of processed sugar from my diet.  As I’ve posted in Sugar Free Zone, during this experience I suffered a number of withdrawal symptoms on this health quest.  However, during Christmas I was relieved of my domestic responsibilities which sounds heavenly but produced a whole lot of unexpected withdrawal symptoms.  Why is idleness so hard?



Who knew that sitting on your behind could be so exhausting.


There is an art to being idle, which I’ve lost since becoming a mother.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve fantasized about having loads of free time.  No chores or demands to be met in theory sounds awesome but the reality proved otherwise.  When presented with the situation I felt really lost.  As the saying goes; Be careful what you wish for.


“Please let me mop the floor.”


I found myself in this predicament while staying with my in-laws on the other side of the world for 6 weeks.  No longer was I in my own environment or running things to my routine. It was about adapting and playing a supportive role to a different Queen bee.  I was pampered and told to “relax” which was a foreign concept for me.  Being constantly busy and having stress has become my normal state of mind.  Having time to think and actually exist with my kids took some getting used to.


Why do we multi-task and rush everything?


Who do we need to impress by being these multi-tasking robotic super mothers who have a permanent frown line?  There have been times where I’ve judged other mothers for being lazy because they weren’t killing themselves trying to do everything.  In hindsight, I now view them as smart and understanding the true purpose of it all.  Who cares if your household is running to military precision?  No one but you!  This time away from my regular routine has been a revelation concerning my use of time as a mother.  Do I want my kids to grow up thinking:  “Mum was always so stressed and busy cleaning the house”  or “Mum always took time to sit and enjoy spending time with me despite the washing”.  I know which memory I wish to foster with my kids.





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