Surviving Christmas


More like hard work than festive fun!


On Boxing Day, I always feel thankful and utterly relieved that Christmas is over.  Back to business as usual without all the bells and whistles that the lead up to Christmas entails.  Sure it’s great for the kids who usually cry before going  to bed on Christmas night despairing at the conclusion of another Christmas.  However, I breath a sign of relief and crack open the Bailey’s to congratulate myself for surviving the festive madness.



The Christmas period, is all about endurance and the survival of the fittest.


I don’t wish to come across as the Grinch, but it can be a very overwhelming time of year.  A lot of people to mingle with and money to spend on stuff that will be thrown into an abyss that is some kids’ bedrooms.  It’s the same story every year, after the initial tearing off of the wrapping paper, (that you spent a fair amount of time and tape making pretty) followed by 10 seconds of excitement all before they ask for the next present.  They turn into adrenaline junkies looking for their next high with the attention span of a meercat.


“Kids these days are just so unappreciative.  Back in my day…”


When you hear of kids going on like pork chops, you can get a little indignant at their entitled manner and lack of appreciation.  The thing is it isn’t their fault, it’s us the parents who have created these little Christmas beasts.  We spend a fortune and inundate them with tonnes of presents which only sets stupid expectations that we feel compelled to achieve every year.  Then we turn around broke and tired, annoyed by their greed.  So who’s to blame?  Parents have created this rod for our own backs so it is our own fault that our kids expectations are so high.  We need to take ownership of the values we are teaching them about Christmas.


It’s amazing how many people don’t know or acknowledge the religious significance of Christmas.


Lets face it, we are all playing our part in this consumerist juggernaut we call modern culture.  It’s about having more! Getting lots of presents isn’t enough so we then hit the post-Christmas sales in search of more bargains.  We preach the idea that giving is better than receiving but I believe this is lip service.  We live in a more is better society and we are raising our cherubs to view life this way.  So how do we buck the trend and teach our kids to value the “less is more” approach? A challenging question but we have a full year to work it out.

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