Sorting Out The Good From The Bad.


What is the motivation behind the advice?


We’re inundated with advice in nearly every aspect of our lives.  Some days can feel like you’re walking with a target on your head as you’re assaulted from every direction.  It’s hard not to become defensive, however, the key is to decipher the good from the bad and ask yourself: Is it from a place of genuine concern or from a place of self-importance or insecurities?



Pride and Ego can handicap us.


Personal ego can prevent us from objectively assessing and accurately deciphering the helpful advice that may be hidden within the avalanche of opinions flying our way.  As a result, our first reaction is to become defensive without considering the source and content of the advice.  Actually, admitting that you “don’t have the answers” to all of life’s problems can be empowering and dare I say liberating.


A problem shared is a problem halved.


So next time instead of automatically putting on your defensive armour, try to: 1. Stop  2.Consider the source and their motivation 3. Ignore your ego 4. Ask yourself if their words are helpful 5. Good or bad, politely thank the adviser 6. Either move forward with their advice or ignore it.  After all, we all just want the best outcome for ourselves and family, so be open and listen.

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