Wonder Woman!!

wonder woman

 Is it worth it?


wonder woman2Why do we need to  be ‘Wonder Woman’?  Every day we are required to be a cleaner, driver, cook, organiser, carer and career woman.  It’s an endless work load that has been dumped in our laps.  We aspire to be successful in a career and as a homemaker. This is admirable but are we setting ourselves up to be tired and miserable?  I’m not arguing that we shouldn’t aspire to achieve great things but we need to be realistic. 


If your partner doesn’t contribute equally in the domestic sphere than we are destined to be exhausted and lonely.


On my child’s school drop off there are so many stressed women expressing frustration concerning the statemultitask housewife of affairs within their household.  My answer is ‘well can’t your husband help with the  chores?’.  They usually laugh and say that he wouldn’t dream of doing ‘a woman’s job‘.  It’s 2015 and this mentality is still prevalent!  Statistics show that married women still do more housework than their husbands.  In reality we are  doing what our grandmothers and mothers did plus contribute to the workforce.


  This isn’t to say we do things better than previous generations


wonderwoman lazyOn the other hand, if you choose to focus solely on being a ‘homemaker,’ some perceive you as lazy and ‘letting the side down’.  It’s a no win situation!!  Unfortunately, there is a resentment that continues to brew between ‘working’ mothers and ‘stay at home’ mothers.  It’s a shame because we are actually on the same side.



 There isn’t one type of ‘WONDER WOMAN’.


What do you do?   So  many different types of women stand under the umbrella of ‘Motherhood’. However, we all agree that we are just SUPER tired and would appreciate a hand with the house work.







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