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Mother and Sex Symbol?



It’s a fact that women are the dominant consumers of fashion, cosmetics and household products.


cleaningMost advertising aimed at the homemaker is cheesy and condescending. They pressure you into thinking that without their product you’re letting yourself and your family down.  Emphasizing that you’re busy ‘doing it all’ and their product will help you achieve super mother status.  So many products and forms of advertising  engulf our daily existence.  The advertising agencies are paid well to be persuasive and tap into the market potential of the homemaker. 


If we aren’t being targeted to buy household products then we are targeted by the fashion and beauty industry which tells us we’re ugly and old unless we use their product.


beauty product old


advertisingWhilst this is annoying and advertising has really become very lethal to the psyche, I find some of the past ads aimed at woman to be cringeworthy.  I wonder how women in the past must have felt with such advertising campaigns openly declaring them as weak and less intelligent than their husband.  We kind of laugh at these old advertisements but really what do we have to be so lofty about?  In 2016 are we represented in an empowered manner?  Mother or sex symbol?



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