Take Control!!

Supermarket Dread


shopping trolley2It’s the simple things that get lost as we over complicate our lives with so many things we see as important.  Whether it’s with people, possessions or tasks we all get bogged down and create confusion within our lives.  Shopping shouldn’t be a constant stress.


Keep it simple and don’t over complicate your grocery shop.


Below are some great ‘common sense’ tips that many people swear by.  



nutrition1. Be Budget conscious although, taste and nutrition are vital.  Being thrifty doesn’t mean sacrificing these important factors.





weekly menu2. Planning your weekly menu helps to organise your budget.  It also makes you time efficient, especially if you cook in bulk and freeze it.




shopping list3. Always keep a shopping list and use it when you shop.  Don’t but ‘specials’ unless you actually need the product or use it regularly.




junk mail4. Junk Mail!! Instead of throwing it out, use it to find the best value.  However, factor in the travel time and cost to get the ‘bargain’.




homebrand5. Home Brand.  Don’t be a snob!  Especially, for things like tin goods, pasta, rice, cereals and grains.  Why pay for packaging?  Good for basic products.



no drop in6. Minimise dropping into the shops to pick up things.  This only results in you buying more than you planned.  Try keeping to a menu and detailed shopping list once a week.



reduced to clear

7.  ‘Reduce to clear’ meat products.  These are good to buy and freeze.  For the next week or so incorporate that product into your menu.  Only but products your family eats. No point buying kangaroo sausages just because they are ‘reduced to clear’.



money in wallet8. The best and easiest thing is to get the money prior to your shopping trip and leave the cards at home.  It may stop impulse buying.



Being an informed consumer enables you to ‘take control’.


Have you ever wondered how supermarkets are organised?  Below is a quick 3 minute report entitledSupermarkets Psychology-Entrances, layout and shelving’.  Watch it and take note the next time you enter a supermarket.  Being an informed consumer enables you to ‘take control’.





 Mayhem Down the Aisles

happy shopping 2

Doing the weekly grocery shop with 3 small kids can be a nightmare.  Sometimes it’s full of  laughter while others times it’s tantrums, destruction and mayhem.  To get less of the crazy I have established a shopping routine using the layout of the supermarket as my menu.


Never take a hungry child grocery shopping.



berriesFirstly, after putting my two smallest ones in the trolley  we head to the fruit and vegetable section.  My eldest helps with selecting the produce and together we choose a punnet of berries or other pre-weight and priced fruit.  While I finish shopping in this section, my kids have a fruit snack.




yoghurtWhen we get to the dairy section I give them each a squeeze yoghurt.  This keeps them busy as we scooted down the other aisles.  It is good to know the layout of your supermarket and exactly where things are from your shopping list to make the process quicker. (Have wipes ready for messy hands and faces)




chocolate kidsBy the time we reach the other end sometimes they have a slice of bread but mostly they are looking forward to the last aisle.  The last aisle we go down is the chocolate and biscuits.  If they have been well-behaved they are allowed to select a small treat.




registerAt the checkout the first things I get scanned are the fruit and yoghurt packets that were already consumed. The treats  are next which I give to them immediately as the rest of my groceries are processed.  



It is important to have a good relationship with the staff at your local supermarket.


happy shoppingThe routine is followed weekly and the kids know exactly the behaviour I expect whilst out.  Technically you aren’t supposed to eat before you buy but luckily  I go to a supermarket that doesn’t have a problem.  It always pays to be polite to the staff as that kindness is usually reciprocated.  Also I pay in cash so I won’t have problems with bank cards being declined and can always cover the produce consumed.



Alternative:  If eating before you buy makes you uncomfortable then you can always organise a snack pack from home and give it to the kids on arrival.  If they behave you can finish with a treat.  This way they can’t whine at you about being hungry because they have a healthy snack option.


toddler shopping listshopping bingoOther things like kids trolleys and pictures lists are brilliant for getting little ones involved in the shopping experience.  Also picture shopping bingo is interesting.  Below is the ‘Supernanny’s’ involvement technique which is obviously fabulous and of course ‘LEGAL’.




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