Challenge Accepted!


Witnessing my kids aimlessly wandering about complaining of boredom really ruffles my feathers.  It’s partly my fault as for a long time I felt the need to ‘entertain’ my kids.  This in turn created a cycle where I would find activities to ‘fill-up’ their day. Consequently, I had created kids who constantly looked to me for entertainment.  A change had to happen and my little darlings needed to develop the ability to ‘entertain themselves‘.


Kids can ‘just play’ but we ruin them by interfering in the process.


A parent is like a conductor in an orchestra.  They don’t play the instruments but his/her role is to guide each musician and create beautiful music.  With your kids you can conduct and harness their talents into interests which entertain and challenge them.  Below are some activities my kids ‘decided’ to undertake during this long, hot summer break.


Grand Designs:  Lego Style!

As mentioned in my blog post……, my son decided to create a lego structure that would incorporate all his lego brick into one illustrious design.  He designs and adapts his ideas every day.  His deadline is January 26 ‘Australia Day’ and I can’t wait to see the end result.


Shoe Lace Time Challenge!

My daughter can’t tie her shoes laces.  So we designed a ‘time-challenge’ to see how fast she can become at tying the lace on her new school shoes.  She loves it!  She is motivated by anything that makes her into a ‘big-girl’.


Roald Dahl Book Club!

My children’s favourite author!  They are assigned a different Dahl book every week and we aim to read it every night.  My eldest reads it to the rest of the family before lights out.  It a lovely way to wind down and spend time together after a long day.


Burn Rubber!

My kids aren’t the most outdoorsy and sometimes we need to encourage them to do activities.  They like their bikes but they haven’t really tried to ride them without the stabilizers.  So the aim is for them to be confident two-wheel riders by the end of the holiday.


Lights, Camera, Action!

They aren’t camera-shy!  They love to dance and perform.  Also they love doing  ‘Cosmic Yoga’ that you access on YouTube.  Inspired by this, my daughter asked if she could choose a story and choreograph a routine of her own.  I agreed and promised to record her final production.  She has grand ideas regarding the costume and set design. 


My Kitchen Rules!

Knowing your way around the kitchen is a life skill.  Every week we aim to prepare and cook a new recipe.  It  teaches them how to read ingredients, measurements and other practical kitchen skills. My kids feel really grown up when they do anything practical around the house. My eldest asked if he could vacuum the house.


Dirt Kids!

Planting a few seeds in a pot doesn’t cost the earth.  It becomes the kids’ responsibility to water and tend to the plants over the course of the holiday.  Easy fast growing ones are best.  My eldest asks a lot of questions about plants and when I can’t answer them (which is often) he looks it up on google.


Play it Again!

We have musical instruments lying about the house that are gathering dust.  During the school term, we don’t have much time to tinker about on them but now there isn’t any excuse.  They have time to compose a weekly master piece that they can perform on Friday evenings.


There are loads of things you can do that match your kids interests.  Above are just a few ideas I have come up with so far.  Feel free to add more to the list.


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