Treat her like a Queen!

being taken for granted 6


We are perhaps all guilty of taking our mothers for granted.  It wasn’t until I became a mother myself that I  truly appreciated the sacrifices my mother made for our family.  This relationship naturally evolves as children become adults  however,  as adults we sometimes forget that our mothers are more than ‘just mothers’.  Every relationship has ‘give and take’, but as adults we sometimes continue to take like a child from our parents.  I believe as adult kids we need to address this imbalance and attempt to make more effort with our parents.  Below are 5 simple things we can do to show her that she is important and give back some of the love.


Actions speak louder than words but a kind word does go a long way.


queen21.  Ask her about her day and what is happening in her life.   Don’t only speak at her about your life.  Make sure to enquire about her social life and interests.  This shows that you value her as a person and not only as a mother or  grandmother.


queen12.   Listen and fully focus when she speaks.  Put down what you are doing and give her your undivided attention.  Listen with your eyes which sounds odd but you know when someone is really listening when they give good eye contact.  Giving someone your full attention shows you value them.


queen33.  Make time to spend quality time with herOften we squeeze our parents into out busy lives instead of making them a priority.  Make it a regular thing to schedule fun and interesting activities that you can do together.  This could be a one to one or a whole family event. 


queen54.  Don’t forget to say thank you.  There is nothing more annoying than bad manners and this doesn’t exclude your family.  It’s really important to remember to thank your mother for her help and support.


queen45.  Let her teach you.   Sometimes we are guilty of being defensive towards our mother’s when they express  their opinions or give us advice.  Particularly when it concerns our relationships, household and children.  We forget that they have  a wealth of knowledge to share with us.  Instead of resisting it, encourage them to teach you.  You may not always be in agreement or follow what they say but you may gain some useful ideas and valuable knowledge.  Show her respect as a mother and she will usually respect you back as a mother.


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