A Child’s Wisdom

Where did that question come from?


what6Why do I need to eat vegetables EVERYDAY?
Who will make my brekky if you die?
Why do people kill people?
Why is ……. mean to me at school?
Why do you love me?
How do babies get out of the mummy’s tummy?          How do babies get in the mummy’s tummy?        Were you a kid once?
Did you have TV when you lived in the ‘olden days’?
How can Santa get all the presents to every house?
What super powers do you want?
I don’t think God want us to be the same like robots. Don’t you think mummy?
Why can’t I have straight hair like Barbie?
Are super heroes real?



what8My children are interesting little creatures.  Their curious minds throw out all sorts of bizarre  questions that  entertain us.  We encourage them to be open with their questions but certain topics are not discussed (yet).  The question needs to  match  their maturity  level or we inform them that we will  discuss it another time.  However, I must admit that I have used this ploy to buy myself  time with some of the more challenging ones.  An example of this was recently when they asked:  


‘How do babies get out of the mummy’s tummy?’

questions1Lately with all the violence in the news  their questions have become very challenging.  As parents we are asking ourselves: ‘How much do they need to know?’  We believe in being very open with our kids and would like them to be  informed about world issues.  Although, it’s tough to setting a clear guidelines concerning appropriateness and their potential reaction.


 How can you explain world issues to a child when as an adult you can barely comprehend the magnitude of the problems.


I often hear people say that ‘the world is a big mess’.  It all seems very over-whelming with little hope of there ever being peace or justice. However, social awareness  can be a positive experience.  It can teach you  empathy,  perspective and an appreciation for your own life.


 My problem is that the constant information overwhelms my mind and therefore darken my spirit.




Despite all the complexities of life, a child’s questions and logic can give HOPE.  My son (6), recently asked a lot of questions about the wars in the world.  He thought all the ‘guns and stuff’ was cool, but couldn’t understand why  people used weapons to do ‘bad things’.  He thought it would be better if they only used  the guns to shoot targets.  His final question in the discussion was ‘Why don’t people stop doing bad things to each other?’  Such an innocent and simple question about a world full of contradictions, violence and complexities.  I still haven’t answered his question.




We get tired and forget to look at the GOOD things.


He still appreciates the world as a place of wonder and possibilities.  Unfortunately this may change as he gets older but  it has helped me to look at the world through fresh eyes.  We get bogged down in the constant circulation of negative news and this makes us cynical.  We get tired and forget to look at the GOOD things.


A child has the ability to see the world as full of  hope and that problems can be fixed.


what2A child has the ability to see the world as full of  hope and that problems can be fixed.  Life is difficult but as adults we need to learn to see the world through the eyes of a child.  Their wisdom has the potential to educate us ‘grown-ups’ to find the SOLUTIONS to the problems.  See possibilities like a child.




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