‘How old do you think I am?

‘Hey Mum! In the olden days when you were a kid, were there cars?’


It’s funny how our kids like to antiquate  their parents. They haven’t worked out the concept of time yet or that we are a long way off from becoming ‘senior citizens’. In retrospect, I was exactly the same as I perceived people, places and events as older, bigger and more impressive than they actually were. Then as you get older your comprehension of reality changes and it dawns upon you that the world is vastly different to your childhood recollections. This can be a little bit of a shame but in another way it is lovely that we were able to view the world through untainted, fresh and curious eyes.



Through the eyes of my children, they see my childhood as a bygone era.


In this post, I have included a few of the more recent moments of my children aging me by decades.


Firstly, while listening to the Guns and Rose song ‘Paradise City’ and my sons comments to the lyrics ‘..where the grass is green and the girls are pretty’.  


Son- ‘You’re pretty mum’.

Me- ‘ Thanks, but I don’t think I’m the type of ‘pretty’ that the song is referring too.’

Son- ‘ Yeah, they mean HOT and you’re definitely NOT HOT!’



Secondly, my kids start most questions with: ‘In the olden days when you were a kid…..’  Here are a few of the more recent ones:


* ‘In the olden days when you were a child, were there balloons?’

* ‘In the olden days when you were a child, did you see the Wright Brothers first flight?’

*’In the olden days when you were a child, did you have television and cars or did you just read books and ride a horse?’

* ‘In the olden days when you were a child, did you have paper and pencils?’


Thirdly, my ability to do anything physical seems to amaze them.


* ‘Wow, you can play tennis!  I thought you were too old.’

* ‘What!  You went running this morning!’


Finally, they seem to think I was a child in the 1930’s or 1940’s and not the 1980’s.


Daughter- ‘When you were a child, what was the most popular movie?’

Son- ‘I know!  The Wizard of OZ!’  (Referring to the original movie starring Judy Garland and made in 1939)


They make me laugh!!  I don’t mind because if my kids are lucky enough to be blessed with their own kids one day then their kids will perceive them as OLD and NOT HOT.  By then I will be old and will be the cool granny who lets them have chocolate for breakfast.




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