You Are the SUNSHINE of My Life!!



You are my SUNSHINE!


critic4I believe we focus more on the negatives than the positives because people tend to criticise more than compliment others.  It’s important to say positive things to your kids and also yourself.  In the busy day-to-day of our lives we forget to do this which can jeopardize your own and your child’s self-esteem. 


When was the last time you gave or received a compliment?


critic5There are some really inspirational websites that list positive things you can say to your kids.  I really enjoyed these ones:   POPSUGAR:  66 Positive Things You Should Be Saying to Your Child,     SheKnows:  28 Positive things to say to your kids    Familyshare:  7 Things You Should Say to Your Kids Every Day


We all need to feel valued and loved.  


Our job is to instill strength, self-worth and  LOVE into our kids.  It’s easy to find positive statements that you can say to your children daily.  For me the best ones are:



critic13‘I Love You!’

‘You have to many wonderful gifts.’

‘You are my beautiful sunshine boy/girl.’

‘You mean the world to me.’



Look for the opportunity to say something positive to your kids.  It’s amazing when you stop and watch them just how many wonderful qualities they possess.  Saying nothing or treating your kids with indifference is as harmful as constantly speaking to them in a negative or critical tone.


It’s also important to use a kind inner voice for yourself.


critic8The above paragraph can also be applied to yourself.  When you are a homemaker you can lose sight of your identity and forget the great qualities you offer.  Sometimes I look at all the small mundane chores I have done during my day and compliment myself for doing them.  It’s hard to remember but all the small things you do as a mother are important even if they aren’t always acknowledged.


As a mother all the little things you do matter especially the example you set for your kids.


critic14There are many sources available offering positive things you should say to yourself.  I enjoyed reading the Huffington Post-  Healthy Living: 8 things you should tell yourself everyday.  These eight statements are  good because they can be applied to you and your kids.


  1.   ‘I am lovable’.

  2.   ‘I am beautiful’.

  3.   ‘I am proud of myself and what I’ve accomplished’.

  4.   ‘What I do or what I hope to do matters’.

  5.   ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sometimes ‘good enough’ is good enough.’

  6.   ‘I can do this’.

  7.  ‘ I am unique and have something to offer to the world.’

  8.   ‘I am enough’!

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