Junk Food WAR



Why are kids attracted to junk food?


backlash3Easy!!  The saying goes that we ‘eat with our eyes’ and  junk food is colourful and visually stimulating.  A gorgeous piece of fruit will always be overlooked for a bright rubbery sweet.  We may occasionally win a battle over junk but the war is constant and never-ending.  However, this doesn’t mean that we should quit or stop trying to make healthy food more enticing. 


Healthy food benefits our kids growth, concentration, sleep, health and behaviour.


backlash13We can’t ban all bad food from our kids but we can encourage them to enjoy good food.  It’s human nature to reject and rebel against things that are forced onto us even when the benefits are obvious.  There are about a million different web-sites dedicated to kids food and this can be a little over-whelming.  I tend to stick to my favourite ones because they are filled with easy recipes.  The two I always use are Taste.com  and Kidspot.com.au .    The ideas and pictures below are all sourced from these two excellent websites.


The aim is to make healthy food a positive experience for our kids.


 goodfood3Fruit Kebabs/Wands:  These are super easy and adaptable.  At a recent kids party the mother made grape kebabs and called them ‘life sabers’.



goodfood4Fritters:  There are so many recipes and again super easy.  My kids love pea and noodle fritters and also rice and vegie fritters.



goodfood5Bubble and Squeak/ Shepherd’s Pie:  I love both of these because you can add a large  variety of  different vegetables.  Also they can be stored in the freezer for future meals.



goodfood8Rainbow Wraps:  Wraps in general are brilliant and you are only limited by your own imagination.




goodfood6Ham and Cheese Butterflies:  These beauties can be made either with carrot or celery.  They are visually fun and very easy to assemble.



goodfood9Muffins:  There are heaps of recipes.  They are great for breakfast, snack time and lunch boxes.




There are loads of recipes that are focussed on improving your family’s diet. 


goodfood7Above are just 6 ideas that work for my family.  With a little research you can find some fun ideas that suit your family.  It can be challenging getting your children to eat more fruit and vegetables but by experimenting with different recipes you may be surprised by what your kids will eat.



Below is a good video I found on You Tube which demonstrates some fun and easy snack ideas for your kids.

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