‘Happy Mother Happy Home’

  Make  Time  For  Yourself



Making time for myself  used to seem really self-indulgent.  Instead I would stay up really late at night after the rest of my family had retired to bed.   This became a nightly ritual that didn’t revitalize me physically or psychologically.  


I never got enough sleep and would stay up watching really bad television.


tired-mother-2I have met a number of women who also admit to ‘vegging out’ on the sofa till late into the evening.  Some other mothers talked about emotional eating to medicate their feelings of exhaustion.  The instant high gained from consuming sugary treats, caffeine or alcohol is short-lived.   One woman confided in me, that she can no longer eat chocolate because even the sight of it makes her feel  psychologically defeated.


Our sugary ‘treats’ begin to symbolise exhaustion and feel less rewarding.


silence10It’s amazing how reluctant we are to change old habits even when they’re of no benefit.  Sometimes we have to really hit a brick wall before we are willing to change bad habits.  Allocating time to centre your energy benefits both you and your family.  It isn’t being self-indulgent as a happy mother is a positive role model for her children.


Being a happy mother makes you a better role model for your kids.


silence20Many women shared how they unwind to keep mentally fresh.  I liked how each person found something that individually worked for them. 



One size doesn’t fit all and it’s about finding one that fits you.



 Below are activities some mothers do to stay POSITIVE.



Take a Bath.

silence11One of my friends likes to have a relaxing bath twice a week.  She swears by lavender oil and music to help ‘transport her into another world’.  She hands over the kids to her husband and allows 40 minutes to completely focus on herself.



Try Self-Massage. 

silence7 Another mother allocates 1 hour a week to give herself a massage.  At first I thought this was bizarre but she lent me a  book called ‘Beauty Wisdom’ by Bharti Vyas.  The book had a chapter outlining the techniques required to give yourself an hour massage. Pretty good considering it doesn’t cost a cent and takes only 1 hour.  



Give Yourself a Facial.

silence9This isn’t something I really enjoy but a friend of mine uses the ingredients in her pantry to make masks.  Once or twice a week she gives herself a treatment and tells her husband to take the kids to the park.  Her skin is amazing!



Exercise: Get Moving.

silence12It really is pretty simple.  We feel good physically and emotionally when we are active.  





Knitting and Craft.

silence15I’m always envious of those who are creative.  A friend of mine allows herself 40 minutes to an hour daily to focus on her craft projects.  She sometimes knits or makes picture frames.  She is always finding new things to create and is constantly learning new techniques. 



Solve a Word-search or Crossword Puzzle.

silence8This surprised me but quite a few mothers find this therapeutic.  They enjoy sitting down with a coffee and focusing their energy on completing a puzzle.  It helps to take their minds of family demands.



Jigsaw Puzzles.

silence14I don’t have the patience but one mother told me that she LOVES IT!  She likes the sense of completion and finds it a challenging activity.  The harder the puzzle the more she enjoys it!



Tasty Baking and Cake Decorating.

silence13I know one mother who is brilliant at this activity and we all benefit from her talent.  She takes it very seriously and competes in competitions.  It is a creative outlet that gives her a break from the demands of her family.



Enroll in a Course.

silence16Whether it’s on-line or at an institution, many mothers find this rewarding.  Some like to do courses focused on their career whilst others choose subjects  purely for personal interest.  It’s nice to re-engage the brain with topics outside the family home.



Take a Picture.

silence17Photography is certainly a rich persons hobby.  However, I know a mother who enjoys creating pictures through the use of her i-pad.  It gives her a lot of pleasure and is a creative outlet.  These days we can all enjoy creating pictures via the use of our mobile phones and i-pads.


Having an outlet isn’t cheating your kids of time with you.


finish line


Most of the mothers expressed a need to feel like they were ‘completing’ something.  This meant  doing something that had an end result opposed to the constant monotony and endless cycle of family demands.  Taking a little time to do something for yourself doesn’t hinder your family but gives you an outlet to revitalise your soul.


  NOT ‘Happy Wife Happy Life’  BUT ‘Happy Mother Happy Home’.




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