Concrete Pill!!



We have all been in the unfortunate situation where our parenting skills or decisions have been undermined. The source of these unwanted opinions vary from family, friends, partners to even random strangers.  Most of us have at one time or another experienced that random an old lady at the supermarket who felt obliged to share with you her ‘expertise’ on how you could improve as a mother.  I especially enjoy it when they recall ‘Back in my day…’ followed by a less than modest critique of how they were exemplary mothers and homemakers.  This can make you feel inept or utterly embarrassed as you must obviously be such a TERRIBLE mother for a complete stranger to approach you.


Some mothers I know have their mantra on their phones so when faced with self-doubt or negativity they can read it to reassure themselves.




In uncomfortable times, when your skills are called into question, you can repeat a mantra in your head to nullify the unwanted performance evaluation.  Below are some mantras to help you get through confronting or uncomfortable situations when you feel under attack from others concerning your parenting.



  1. I’m  competent mother able to make good choices for my family.

  2. Despite what you think I’m a good mother.

  3. We all have bad moments but I give it 100% and I do more right than wrong.

  4. No-one’s perfect but I’m a good mother, friend, partner and overall person.

  5. Just because my style of parenting is different to yours doesn’t make it wrong.

  6. Trying to be perfect is a waste of time.  However, I strive to be good and I am achieving this goal.

  7. Everyone has an opinion but the only one that matters is my kids.

  8. I didn’t ask you for your input and therefore it’s of no value to me.

  9. I know my strengths and weaknesses.  What others have to say is inconsequential.

  10. Focus on those who love and support you. Forget the downers that don’t offer anything constructive to your life.


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