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 Why is the post baby body so offensive?



wonderwoman pregnantThe obvious truth is that a woman’s body is designed for having children.  NO BIG DEAL!!  A woman’s role is biologically predetermined to have kids and we are expected to do it with the minimal amount of fuss.  It is often down played  and sometimes people forget that it’s a huge physical and emotional undertaking.  What a woman goes through is MASSIVE and as my husband acknowledged, if he was the one having kids then we would have stopped after the first (we have three).


Having a baby is monumental and a woman’s body  goes through an extraordinary process. 


baby body 2In the media it’s a race within the celebrity world to bounce back super quickly to their pre- baby figure.  Are we supposed to emulate this?  I personally don’t have the desire or nanny to exercise for 2-3 hours a day after having a baby.  Being a little lumpy and not having flat abs within a period of three months after having a baby isn’t something to be ashamed about.   We can’t allow others to control our body image, especially when they are unrealistic and baby body 14moronic.  Men make comments about how child-bearing had ‘ruined’ their wives appearance and women gossip about other women’s post baby weight.  The comments made by some idiot men does anger me but it’s the women’s nasty remarks that make my blood boil.  



We seem too preoccupied with criticising each other based on unrealistic, stupid and unnecessary standards.


baby body 8To feel confident is about ignoring these absurd messages that surround us and be PROUD of what your AMAZING body has achieved.  Firstly you have conceived and grown a human being inside your body for over 9 months.  I still find this incredible especially with the way our body changes.  Then through pain and determination you deliver a life into the world.  Most women will tell you that the feelings of joy, exhaustion and empowerment after labor are UNREAL!  baby body 5After all this your body has to heal whilst you feed, endure sleep deprivation, loneliness and manage other dramatic changes that having a baby entails.  Your body has gone through a long process that is bound to change you physically and emotionally.  


Why add more stress by setting unnecessary weight loss targets?  


baby body 11Stop and think about all you have endured to be a mother and then give yourself a high-five.  Embrace the changes in your body and don’t obsess about losing the ‘baby weight’.  I look at my stretch marks and feel empowered at what my body has endured.  Don’t let your partner, friends, family or the media pressure you into meeting unrealistic body standards.  Be honest with yourself and set realistic goals to eat healthy and do regular exercise.  We change with age and having kids so all you can do is be healthy.  My breasts are not as perky, my hips are wider and I’ve got stretch marks.  So what?  I don’t see these as faults but as signs of strength and beauty.  When I feel negative messages entering my thought due to other people or the media I just think **** YOU!!  My body is a work of art that is healthy and strong.


WHO is in control of you body?  Simple: YOU!!


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