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I believe the role of a ‘homemaker’ is undervalued and deserves a lot more respect.




‘When are you going to get a real job?’

‘When are you going back to work?’



inspirationI have been asked  the above questions a lot since becoming a mother.  It is frustrating and sometimes demoralising having to constantly justify my life. ‘WORK!!!’ Do people honestly think I sit at home watching television all day?



cropped-logo22.jpgSome ‘working’ mother’s have told me that their ‘jobs’ actually provide them with a nice reprieve from the boredom and monotony of domesticity. Being a ‘homemaker’, as with  any ‘JOB’ if done correctly can be incredibly exhilarating but also tedious and exhausting. However, I’m not getting into the debate that ‘working’ mothers work harder than ‘stay-at-home mothers’ or vise-versa.  Both groups work hard and sacrifice a lot to meet the demands of their family.  We are in this ‘Motherhood’ gig together!!


This Blog celebrates both the positive and negative aspects of motherhood.  We are all ‘Domestic Soldiers’ facing similar challenges and battles everyday.  It’s important for us to unite and support each other in a world that often criticises our parenting or homemaking abilities.




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